Oracle RAC 12cR1 on OEL 7.2 VBox – Part 3: Cloning the Node two a 2-Node-RAC

In my previous article Adding ASM Disks and Configuration of OS I described to add some ASM Disks and to configure the Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) 7.2 to be ready for Oracle RAC 12c. In this article I will describe you a short script to clone   Weiterlesen

Oracle RAC 12cR1 on OEL 7.2 VBox – Part 1: Installation of OEL 7.2

Based on several articles in the internet like ORACLE-BASE and RAC-Attack and the need to patch the GI software before the cluster is configured the first time I started to create a VM. I tried to summarize them in this article being the first Weiterlesen

Auslesen aller ALERT.LOG in einem RAC

Seit Oracle 10g kann man über die View sys.x$dbgalertext die alert.log auslesen. Diese stellt aber nur die Zeilen derjenigen alert.log zur Verfügung, die auf dem Server lesbar ist, an dessen Instance man angemeldet ist. Wie kann man nun aber in einem RAC – Umfeld alle alert.log Weiterlesen