Howto solve Bug 22832149 – SHUTDOWN FAILS WITH ORA-449

While trying to setup and configure a two-node-RAC ( on AIX 7.1 TL 4 SP 1 (AIX OS 7100-04-01-1543) at customer site I run into


I ran into this bug every time I tried to create a CDB, starting to create the -MGMTDB for the Grid Infrastructure and in all test cases with or without ASM. Opening a SR at MOS after two weeks of working with Oracle Support. Thereafter they started to create a patch (for 12.2) and a backport for After releasing them at IBM site (and two further weeks) I get the patch to install into the Grid Infrastructure software as well as into the database software.

After installing the software of Grid Infrastructure (only – without any configuration) on both nodes, I installed the newest opatch version. Thereafter I started to install the patch ( like and run into another Bug:

Bug 20117253 – AIX: OUI-67073 java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError for ( Doc ID 20117253.8 )


Oracle Support recommends to install the Grid Infrastructure Software again and on top the patch 20117253 first before installing patch 22832149. But if you wish to install any other patch next, e.g. any PSU, you have to remove patch 20117253 first.

After installing 20117253 (with some LD Warnings you can ignore due to DOC ID 1943498.1) the installation of patch 22832149 will works fine – and creation of CDB (e.g. -MGMTDB) will works also fine.


But when trying to install patch of the Jan2016 or Apr2016 PSU I always get a conflict with 20117253 . After removing this patch conflict check of opatch will work fine. But the installation of any PSU will fail due to other reasons – but this is another story …



  • execute on each node
    • install Grid Infrastructure software-only
    • install newest opatch version
    • install patch 20117253 first (ignore all ld and make warnings)
    • install patch 22832149 next (ignore all ld warnings)
    • remove patch 20117253
  • continue with running to configure a RAC
  • now, you can install the database software and any PSU …


Have fun —



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