Oracle RAC 12cR1 on OEL 7.2 VBox – Part 4: Install the GI software only

As described in my previous article Cloning the Node two a 2-Node-RAC we can start to install the GI software on both nodes. Normally you can install and configure the Grid Infrastructure (GI) Software on both nodes, starting on one node only. In a case described in How to solve a Bug during Installation you have to install the „software only“ on both nodes, patch the software and configure the Cluster thereafter. I would like to go this way of installation the software on the nodes describing in this article. This is the 4th of

  1. Installation of OEL 7.2
  2. Add sharable ASM Disk Groups and Configuration of OEL 7.2 to be ready for Oracle Installation
  3. Cloning the Node two a 2-Node-RAC
  4. Install the GI software only
  5. Patch and Configure GI
  6. Installation of CDB with two PDB
  7. Summary

You have to do the following steps on both nodes:

a) mount the software to current node

b) login as user „grid“

c) start the installer to install the Grid Infrastructure Software only – without any configuration


When finished with node login to node 2 and execute these three steps. Below you will find a PDF file with all the screenshots of the installer for one node


Have fun –


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